Skulpt Aim Fitness Tracker Giveaway


We’ve partnered with Lift Laugh Love and Body By Barker to bring you this April 2017 giveaway! We’re giving away a Skulpt Aim Fitness Tracker. It measures your body fat percentage and muscle quality in 24 locations and provides you with more accurate results. You can normally find this Skulpt Aim and the Skulpt Chisel […]

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Top 5 Most Asked Questions About Fitness

fitness questions

The internet is full of questions and answers related to fitness.  Which ones have you asked the most?  We’ve gathered the most common questions here to answer them all in one place for you.  This is not meant to be a complete guide to each question here, but we will link to other articles that […]

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Beginner Fitness Tips for 2017

health wellness total life changes

There are a lot of tips and tricks you can use to make 2017 a great year for your health! Make sure you use these tools to guide you on your journey. Many times people make it too easy to be negative when it comes to their fitness progress at the beginning of the year. […]

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New Year New You

So many people have made their New Year’s resolutions and have already fallen short of their goal. So what will set you apart from the rest? It’s never to late to rekindle that resolution and either start fresh or pick up from where you’re slacking. New Year New You right? What was your goal? The […]

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Personal Training, A Modern Approach

personal training cardio fitness

One of the most frustrating things about fitness can be all of the distractions and temptations that take us further from our goals.  This isn’t a problem for everyone, however it is definitely more common than not.  Personal Training allows you to report to someone that will hold you accountable for your actions involving nutrition […]

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