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Have you ever gotten so into something that you hear about an event it’s related to and decide to go, only to find out when you get there that it’s WAY MORE AWESOME than you could ever imagine?!  That’s what it was like the first time I ever attended a fitness expo. After going to the LA Fit Expo, Mr. Olympia, and Europa Games Expo in Phoenix on more than one occasion I must say that I never get tired of these amazing events.

I arrived Saturday morning somewhat late due to an alarm not going off, but walked in to the ever so familiar atmosphere of the large expo hall on the bottom floor of the Phoenix Convention Center. Welcome to the Europa Games Fit Expo.

As usual I was greeted by someone who handed me a large branded plastic bag with a flyer and most likely a supplement sample inside. This would be one of many large bags that were to be given out that day. The massive VPX booth towered over the entrance with its models in a trendy black and yellow color scheme (might I add that I need to find my wife a pair of those leggings). “Bang” is their major promoting point this year, and with hindsight being in 20-20 I should have definitely grabbed a case of their Cotton Candy flavor while I was there. The stuff is to die for!

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I made my rounds from booth to booth filling up each new large bag with the old one toting all the previously gathered samples. I was thoroughly impressed by MANY of the booths this year. There were definitely some new vendors and some really cool technology to be seen.

About mid-way through the day I meandered in front of a booth with a giant logo closely resembling a power button. Come to find out it’s some great brand ingenuity mixing the  “i” with the “Q” which real highlights the unique name “Anatomiq”.

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I spoke to Jordan, the owner, and the rest of the team there at the booth. What a friendly group of people! As with some other booths they were sampling their product in small cups that you’d expect to see at any Costco sample table. I picked up the clear plastic cup filled with a translucent light red liquid.  As one of their athletes informed me, “that’s the preworkout” I was astonished by the amazing experience of flavor that was occurring in my mouth. I read through the ingredients only to find that it had all the major components of a preworkout that I regularly look for.

You know how sometimes you get those preworkouts that have entirely unnecessary ingredients and their taste resembles that of an old work out gym sock? Yeah, not the case here at the Europa Games Expo. It was a match made in heaven (or at least in the Phoenix Convention Center).

I made it a point to head home with some samples for my wife to try, and thanked Jordan and the team for the wonderful experience I had both interacting with them and trying the product.

europa games expo anatomiq booth


Continuing on through the rest of the expo a handful of booths caught my eye out of dozens, if not hundreds, and I’d like to spend time going through each one of them (no not every one in the expo, just the ones that particularly caught my eye like the two above). I’ll briefly review them here, but more in depth reviews will come in further posts.

  • FlapJacked
  • Training Table
  • Chef’s Cut
  • Built Apparel
  • Perfect Shaker
  • Raw NRG
  • Modus Apparel
  • Anatomiq
  • Twisted Gear
  • Iron Lily
  • Simple Mobility Tools
  • Gallon Gear

These are a dozen of the booths that I was impressed by, enough to carry on decent conversation with the individuals working them. I had not seen many of them before so it was great to branch out and get to know products new to myself. Overall the Europa Games Expo was a great experience with lots of samples, new friends, and a great fitness atmosphere to enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by, and make sure you subscribe for email updates to claim your free personal training fitness analysis.  I do have a question though, in efforts to spawn some reader-interaction.

What is your favorite preworkout supplement, and why?

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