First Day In Panama

It’s been an incredible first day at the global leadership academy in Panama at the Hard Rock Resort. We’ve already seen timelines and news feeds exploding with images of paradise and group photos of fellow Zrii family members reuniting. What will this week hood in store for us? For sure we will see a brand new product announced in a new category that will absolutely change the business for everyone! What do you think it will be? Where will the next leadership academy take place? Will you be there?

Check out those amazing white sandy beaches and the waves crashing on the ocean shore. That is where you should expect to be any time you want! Everyone is waiting to see what that Top Secret briefcase holds and when AK Khalil will present it to everyone. We’re all excited to hear from him and all of the other top leaders in the industry. Make sure to subscribe and check back frequently as we’ll continue posting updates as the event goes on.

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