Zrii Top Secret Announcement

It’s been several months since the rollout of the new website for Zrii at the last Global Leadership Academy in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in the Hard Rock Hotel. Our team had an amazing week being treated like celebrities at the resort with the rest of the Zrii family. During that seminar they announced with grandeur the brand new online image that the company would portray as thousands applauded with excitement. The next global leadership academy will be one you won’t want to miss in Panama.

Thousands more than last time will meet at the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama to listen to the top leaders in the industry and learn how they can grow and improve both personally and in their business. We await the many lessons that will be learned and the new announcements that are to be brought forth for the first time. We came across this:

Whatever it is they have planned, it’s huge! Could it be a new product to join the rest of the Zrii family line? Or will it contain the next location for the global leadership academy? Who knows, maybe it’s a new rank that had to be created for the ever-growing organization? All we know is that it will be life changing! Are you going to be at the event in Panama? Comment below and let us know how excited you are and what you’re looking to learn from the greatest leaders. Not going this time? Let us know what you’re doing to reach your goals and be able to attend the next one. If you’re not quite sure what Zrii is then send us a message through our contact page and we’ll set up a personal appointment with one of our top leaders so you can have a taste of the global leadership academy for yourself.

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