Mission Possible Pat Fitbit Challenge Week 13

mission possible pat fitbit challenges

Every week during the Mission Possible: Pat Challenge put on by Bodybuilding.com, I am holding a weekly FitBit challenge for those who are interested. We just finished up week 7 and here are the results:

KNJW4Ever 129604
Allecks 89055
Mary A. 72055
Mindy 71565
Holly M 71118
Julie 70100
Nikita 66442
Jennifer H. 66400
Liz H. 63393
Cortnie S. 62157
Shelbi 59281
Jenny H. 57929
Sonia 54743
Brynden D. 54493
Steve W. 51072
Gloria O. 48324
Gilbert B. 47577
Dave B. 46023
Heidi 45936
Omar B. 44130
Penny B. 43575
Tricia M. 40999
Stephanie 40896
Curtis B. 40031
Courtney 39015
Joan S. 38792
Cory 35608
Walking N. 35249
Natasha E. 32396
Liza 29341
Dan B. 29203
Sportsnews 27762
Johanna E. 27621
John B. 24573
Zenya 19104
Sarah M. 18493
If you’re interested in participating, please use this form. Use the same email you use for FitBit.

DISCLAIMER: This FitBit challenge is not sponsored by Bodybuilding.com. I do not work for and am not associated with BodyBuilding.com. I am participating in the Mission Possible Pat Challenge, and I only do these FitBit challenges as additional motivation for myself and those int he group who choose to participate.

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