A Transition to John Barker Fitness

Eternity Athletics has been going well for many years, but a decision had to be made. The name itself was one born of the desire to achieve results that last, hence the word “eternity”.

While intentions were the best, the brand name itself wasn’t cohesive with the image that was intended to reach consumers.

That being said, the majority of efforts will now be focused towards John Barker Fitness. My name is John, and I am a certified personal trainer. I have been studying health and fitness for over a decade, and I am now personalizing my own brand on my new website and blog.

I’ve been posting consistently for months now, and the reception has been nothing short of overwhelming. It’s easier to relate to each of you as I bring my own personal stories to the table.

Not only do I share lessons learned, but I also provide a very unique proposition from my higher education. I’ve since received my Master of Science degree in Business Analytics. The principles I learned there are ones I’ve been applying over the past two years within my own personal fitness.

I’d like to announce the launch of what I now call “The Results App”. This web based platform is designed to use complex algorithms (behind the scenes) to deliver precise training recommendations (to my clients and other app users) that more than surpass those of any training that was feasible in the past.

Companies like Amazon and Google use big data to become highly successful. There’s no reason why those principles cannot be applied to fitness for us to succeed.

So with this post come two offers:

  1. Free personal training. Each month I select no more than 2 new clients (1 male and 1 female) to train for free.
  2. Free Results App trial. As this launch occurs over the next couple months, I am offering a free 30 day trial to the Results App. Sign up for the training above in number 1, and then register for the Results App on the thank you page. If you’d like to jump right in, view pricing here.

Thank you all for the amazing support you’ve given, and I look forward to continuing on the new site for John Barker Fitness.

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