Z+ Zrii Energy Drink Now Released

What an incredible day this has been! Not only did we hear about the brand new Zrii Mobile app that will revolutionize the industry (seen below), but there’s now a brand new Z+Zrii energy drink now released!


Zrii Mobile App
As seen above the app will quickly allow you to access your dashboard and all available business statistics, give you reports and show current events, and even enables you to enroll right from your mobile device! We’ll post our review about the app within the next few days so stay tuned. 

Now for the energy drink. So far we see that it’s been released in a Peach Mango flavor available to independent executives for only $2.50 each! Z+ has no artificial sweeteners, comes in at only 20 calories and 2 grams of sugar, with 75mg caffeine per can (natural sources)! Everything about it is completely 100% natural and endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center. News has started spreading like wildfire as The HD Group has started backing this product with the Chopra Center. 


Dallas Baldri, CEO of The HD Group, holds the newly released Z+ Healthy Energy Drink
They specialize in education and training when it comes to the networking industry and if you have any interest in taking advantage of the opportunity they provide then I highly recommend checking them out here:

HD Group Opportunity

We’re extremely excited to post an official review of the drink here within the next few days, and if you’re interested in getting some for yourself check them out on the official site.

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