Weight Loss Nutrition Tips, Simplify Your Life

weight loss nutrition tips

Here we go again, another article on losing weight and all the crazy ideas that people present for weight loss nutrition tips that never work and…


Just stop right there. Remove that thought from your mind and let me explain to you for a second why this is the last place you’ll need to look for losing weight.  You’re about to embark on a journey that will jump start your progress towards a better body. Everything you thought, just kick it out of your mind and take in the simple pointers that I’m going to address here in this post.

You are what you eat.

Cliche, right?!

Well it’s true. Without going into the science of it, your body literally uses what you eat to replace the dead cells and repair damage that you get through working out or otherwise.  Your muscles? They’re mostly made from little leggos your body gets from steak and other protein sources. Okay, maybe not leggos, but they are building blocks for your body!

So now that I’ve ranted, let’s get into some basic weight loss nutrition tips that will simplify your life and accelerate your fitness journey.

Weight Loss Nutrition Tips

Protein, Eat More!

Protein is essential for building muscles. You know, those things that make you look good when you lose your fat? Yes, you can’t just lose fat and hope it all works out. You have to sculpt your body into something beautiful by consuming more protein and lifting weights.  Focus on key protein sources that you enjoy which could include chicken, eggs, fish, steak, and even some vegetables like broccoli and mushrooms.  If you feel like you’re not getting enough, add in a protein shake or two throughout the day to bump up your protein count.

Carbohydrates, Complex and in Moderation

No, we aren’t going to make this overly complex for you. Complex carbohydrates require more energy for your body to digest, and therefore consume more calories in the digestion alone.  Eat carbohydrates in moderation, but definitely do not cut them out completely. They are your body’s fuel source. Select from healthy options such as baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, fruits, and vegetables.

Fats, The Healthy Kind!

Healthy fats are vital to your body’s hormonal balance and metabolism.  Don’t cram down that fried chicken or double cheeseburger. Healthy fats need to come from sources like avocados, olive oil, fish, nuts, and seeds.  Not every fat will make you fat, but on the contrary; they can help you lose fat! If you can’t find enough from healthy sources you can always supplement with Fish Oil.

Water, Hydration is Key

Your body is made of 70% water.  Staying hydrated will allow your cells to maneuver easier and for your entire body to perform it’s proper functions.  I usually drink about a gallon of water each day.  Some may say that is a lot, but once you get used to it you will start feeling much better throughout the day and start seeing much quicker results in your workouts and nutrition plans.  I prefer to carry around a larger water bottle that I don’t have to refill over and over again so much that it makes me sick.

These are key weight loss nutrition tips that will help you simplify your diet and start working towards a healthier you.  Don’t forget these tips and your chances of success will be so much greater.

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