Training Table Giveaway – November 2016

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Each week we are giving away a “Dinner for Four” sponsored by Training Table. Use the form below to enter, and there are multiple ways to earn entries! You can come back each day to earn more entries as well. These meals are delicious, and your taste buds will thank you! Can’t wait? Use Coupon Code “ETERNITY10” for 10% off your order at
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About Training Table

Training Table provides a wonderful line of products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Sometimes our bodies get tired of all the powders and bars we consume. It’s time to give your body what it needs: REAL FOOD. Training Table meals not only provide these valuable nutrients with great flavor, but it’s quick to heat up and it’s real food! If you’re tired of eating boring tuna day in and day out, then you’re in for a surprise when you try their Sports Meal Albacore. They’ve got just the right mix in the conveniently packaged back (no more carrying around a can opener), that will turn your world around when it comes to tuna.
“High-performance, portable real foods created with the elite athlete in mind, these items are the first self-contained, portable, sports-oriented meal systems available in sports nutrition. It is difficult to keep hungry athletes on-plan in the area of performance-enhancing nutrition, especially after regular meal hours.” – Training Table
These meals are delicious, real food. They aren’t just supplements you dump into your body. Giving your body the high protein and fiber content of these will surely enhance your training and progress. There’s just enough sodium to support post-workout replenishment, and they don’t have any extra oil, sugar, or wheat added.
Enjoy the benefits of the SimmerSEAL (TM) cooking process for exquisite flavor. These meals don’t need to be refrigerated, so take them on the go or even as a meal when camping. We highly recommend trying both the Chicken Chili and Beef Chili as part of your next meal prep day.