Calorie Calculator: A More Accurate Way

There are many schools of thought on the internet when it comes to how many calories you should eat in order to lose weight or build muscle, especially if you look for a calorie calculator on google. Having learned more about data through a Master of Science in Business Analytics I’ve come to realize there are better ways to count your calories. This article is primarily for those who use a Fitbit or other activity tracker that measures calories burned. I prefer the Fitbit Charge 2 or other heart rate capable tracker because the caloric expenditure tends to be more accurate than those without. If you don’t use a Fitbit or other activity tracker then you can still use this calculator, but you’ll need to refer to an estimation rather than using exact data.

Follow these steps to more accurately determine how many calories you should consume daily to reach your goals.

Step 1: Export your data from

If you don’t use fitbit, then you may refer to this site and skip to step 3.

Go to and click on “Settings”. From there you’ll click on “Data Export” in the side menu and select the options as seen in the image below.

calorie calculator fitbit export

Step 2: Calculate Average Fitbit Data

For this step you’ll need to calculate your average Calories Burned and your average Activity Calories from the Fitbit data you exported. To do this, first highlight the numbers in the “Activity” tab as seen below and click on “Convert to Number”.



Next, click on the cell below the last entry of the “Calories Burned” column and type in the formula as seen in the image below.

calorie calculator

Finally, for the last step on this sheet use the same “average” technique as above to calculate the average of the “Activity Calories” column. Write down those two numbers for use in the next steps.

Step 3. Enter number into Calculator Spreadsheet

Download the Calorie Calculator Spreadsheet here:

Calorie Calculator with Fitbit Data

Open the spreadsheet you just downloaded and enter the information highlighted in green as seen below:

calorie calculator

Instead of just copying the numbers in the above image, make sure you enter your numbers. If you didn’t use the data from Fitbit, enter in the information you received from the other website or enter your data as you know it from another source you may have used.

Adjust the number of calories under “Step 2” of the calculator as well as your goal weight to see how much you could lose each week as well as the number of weeks to reach your goal.

If you’d like help reaching your goal or further interpreting the results of this calorie calculator, check out our free training consultation as well as our paid plans on

Remember, before changing the way you eat or exercise you should always consult with your primary care physician or other medical professional.  You can even show them the results of this calorie calculator to serve as a baseline.

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