About Us

Welcome to EternityAthletics.com. We appreciate your interest in our site and share your passion for supplements and the fitness industry. So who are we? Eternity Athletics was organized by John Barker, founder of The Dollar Supps Club, in efforts to increase awareness of the supplements that are available.

So what’s our story? Well we love health and fitness. The problem we see is that everything can be so expensive. So what’s our solution? Eternity Athletics combined with The Dollar Supps Club.  The EternityAthletics.com website is the retail storefront for all your supplement needs.  We also provide articles on workouts, recipes, supplements, nutrition, exercises, events, and much more.  DollarSuppsClub.com is the online portal for our subscription service that will save you both time and money on your supplements.  Here we focus on one thing: Results That Last.  All the hard work and dedication you put towards reaching your fitness goals should last for more than a short 4-week or 12-week goal.  We know your results matter, and they matter to us too! So let’s take this fitness journey to the next level and spend each precious dollar where it counts: On supplements you will truly love. Together we can achieve Results That Last.


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